How to Contact Your Ex to Get Him to Chase You!

Learn How to Properly Text Your Ex to Start Pulling Him Back to You

Texting your ex can either have a Positive or Negative result. Depending on whether you understand ‘how’ to use your ex’s existing emotions–positive or negative–you can get the result you want or completely destroy your chances. Read the articles below to learn some important rules and how to make this ‘texting’ stuff work for you.

rules for getting your ex boyfriend back over text

Iron Clad Texting Rules You Must Follow to Avoid Pushing Your Ex Away

When it comes to texting your ex, there are some very important rules that you MUST follow to get any kind of positive results before contacting or texting your ex.  One slip up on these very specific rules, can make the difference between getting him back and losing him forever…

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Texts to send your ex boyfriend to make him miss you like crazy!

Text Messages to Send to Your Ex Boyfriend to Make Him Want You Back

To really make an impression on your ex and get him thinking about you like crazy, with the right text strategy you can re-awaken your ex’s feelings for you. But you have to do it right and after you’ve already laid the proper ground work. Read more to learn how to use this simple text strategy…

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Text Your Ex back Free Samples

Text Your Ex Back Free Samples

The “Text Your Ex Back” program by relationship coach, Michael Fiore, has proven for several years now to be the ONE program that you can actually depend on. Click here for some FREE samples of the types of text strategies the program uses to begin escalating your ex’s attraction for you…

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